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Conduct Unbecoming a Prime Minister?

August 29, 2022 Church Public Season 1 Episode 261
Church Public
Conduct Unbecoming a Prime Minister?
Show Notes

We are more polarized than ever and there is a specific reason for that.
The internet has made life more homogenous, the same attracts the same.
No longer do you have to live in the community where you actually live. 
You can associate with those you agree with and you never have to see the people you don't. We have even learned that social media algorithms keep the views we don't want to see off our feeds.
But is this good? 
Or is this separation leading creating a pressure cooker that will eventually blow up in everyone's face?

Today on ChurchPublic we learn that who you are is actually who you are.
The youths say, live your truth. 
The only catch here is, that there IS an actual truth and you actually have to live by that. You don't get to change it as much as you want to try.
You don't get to tell gravity what to do.
You don't get to change biology or reality to match whatever new fad you want to entertain. There is a truth, there is a God and you are not in control of either.

While that may be difficult to hear for some, the fact is, you should actually feel free that YOU don't have to decide who or whose you are.
To those searching for identity in a lost world, you can be found in Jesus, if you will only follow him.

Today we will look at the Prime Minister of Finland who is in some controversy over leaked party videos.
A Florida Christian school is in hot water because they are following the BIBLE! Gasp!
The leftist outlet the Atlantic actually prints something I agree with and of course we are looking at all of these current events from a Christian perspective.

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