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Marriage is NOT what it used to be!

November 22, 2022 Church Public Season 1 Episode 278
Church Public
Marriage is NOT what it used to be!
Show Notes

Today we continue our discussion about marriage because apparently, like the definitions of man, woman and child, no one has any idea what marriage actually is.

Apparently this is the question we must now answer. 
As if thousands of years of human history did not already make this clear, we are now forced to cover old ground and get back to basics, which is really what we often do here at ChurchPublic.

To get to marriage, we need to take a short journey, from a current politician to the cultural zeitgeist otherwise known as the spirit of the age, we have to go from what is proposed back to what is real. 
Through this process we will look at immigration, same sex marriage, divorce and the current trans ideology.

Church Public - Current Events from a Christian Perspective

Current Events from a Christian Perspective

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