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C4 Detonates in Canada!

December 15, 2021 Church Public Season 1 Episode 167
Church Public
C4 Detonates in Canada!
Show Notes

Bill C4 has just passed all of the legislation in Canada and the potential consequences for the church are explosive.

We have been talking about Truth for a long time now.
Truth is important.
Many people think the Bible says 'all you need is love.'
That was the Beatles, not Jesus

Now we are reaping the consequences of this ideology.

If you are a pastor or counselor or just a believer in Canada, after the new year, when this bill goes into place, you may be jailed up to 5 years for helping a person find their identity in Christ. If that sounds crazy or authoritarian or something like you'd hear in China or Afghanistan or Iran, you are right. But it is going to happen in Canada in the new year thank's to Bill C4.

Why am I talking about this in America when this is happening in Canada, because we are not that different and those running the show up there are just like those running the show down here. The Equality act, in America is different but similar enough that you should pay attention to both Canada, Australia, England and of course American legislation. They are all related.

Now, what you will hear about C4 is that the bill outlaws 'conversion therapy.'
The proponents will tell you it is to avoid shock therapy and medical castration and other things.
However, this is not the focus of the bill.

Link to the Bill C4

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